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FAN OUT is an exhibition platform, which has offered established and new designers a creative space for experiments with art and fashion since CPHFW 2015. The founder of FAN OUT, Sabine Poupinel, has been an active part of the Danish fashion scene for the past 40 years. For several decades, her shop has functioned as a hub for budding designs within art and crafts, architecture, culture, who have been offered opportunities to sell and exhibit their products and realize their artistic experiments. The FAN OUT exhibition is based on the same philosophy but seeks to provide artists and designers with a chance to display their work on a larger scale.

The overarching goal of the exhibition is to create awareness about design and art and push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Through FAN OUT, art and fashion are put into to new contexts in which that stimulate thought and sensory engagement. FAN OUT aims to involve audiences physically and sensibly and offer unique experiences of how art and fashion can be related and integrated. FAN OUT exhibits various forms of creative expression, including many different crafts and creative design explorations. Through performances and talks, FAN OUT also seeks to create dialogues about arts, culture and society and give designers, writers, instructors, artists and artisans an opportunity to share and engage people in their creative processes.

After three successful exhibitions under CPHFW (2015, 2016, 2017), we wish to bring the concept into a new cultural context and allow new artists, audiences and media to experience innovative mixtures of art and fashion. As the fashion capital of the world, Paris constitutes the ideal setting for FANOUT. The exhibition will therefor be visible during Paris Fashion Week on Champs-Élysées in The House Of Denmark (Maison Du Danemark), where fashion and art, are presented in a new perspective for both the press and other interested parties.

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