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Fashion Week Day 4 - Kolding, School of Design (Graduation Show)

And so the fourth and last day of Copenhagen Fashion Week came. 

Eleven graduates from Kolding, School of Design had their graduation show and it was the only show on this sunny Saturday.
A lot of press had appeared and several of the major faces from the fashion industry was there.
The expectations were high.

Daniel Kirk opened the show with the collection The Superhero Project, a super nice menswear collection in exquisite qualities and colors. Daniel had also designed some nice bags.
Once again congratulations to Daniel for first place at Designers Nest.

Line Sander Johansen delivered a beautiful poetic collection, unfortunately, it was difficult to capture all the fine details on the catwalk, but it was beautiful.

Randi Samsonsen had made a fine knitwear collection in delicate pastels, especially the blue with gold edge should be emphasized.
Randi has been employed by Gudrun & Gudrun, that we have in the shop.

Another one of our designers from the shop had also headhunted one of the graduates. Barbara í Gongini has hired designer Lea Zaar,
and her collection fits perfectly into Barbara's DNA, so we hope it will be good for them both.

We would also like to mention Marie Blichers collars, which were beautiful experiments of materials.

And finally, we should certainly mention Rikke Karlsen & Maia Lindstrøm Hansens collection TA DAAA. They took us on a journey to an amazing universe of animals and princesses.
It was beautiful and deeply poetic.

All in all, the show was great and just as professional as some of the major brands we've seen. 
Thanks to Kolding, School of Design, and thank you for this Copenhagen Fashion Week! 

Now we want to sleep for a few days, but we will be back soon with more blog posts.


Daniel Kirk

Line Sander Johansen

Lea Zaar

Marie Blicher


Rikke Karlsen & Maja Lindstrøm Hansen

Randi Samsonsen

Naviaq Binzer

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