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Fashion Week Day 2 - Kolding, School of Design (Bachelor)

Sabine and Nicholas love to go to various school shows and be inspired. This year Kolding, School of Design extended with an extra show for their Bachelors and we were obviously on the spot to see what they had to offer. The show was half installations and half show. The first part, which was the installations were incredibly beautiful and very well done. It was very impressive and looked as professional as anything we've seen during the week. But unfortunately the show was not as efficient. The idea that models should go in between installations and the audience was fine, but it did not work. It was too messy and you could not stay focused on the individual silhouettes and the room was very dark so colors and details was unfortunately blurry. But having said that, we think that it was impressive to see collections that was so thoroughly executed by students on the third year. On Saturday the graduates from Kolding has their show and we hope they keep the same level.


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