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CFW AW14 - Freya Dalsjø



Freya Dalsjø is one of the young designers and it shows in the way she is still experimenting and finding her expression.

This summer she showed a whole new side, which was tight, graphic and almost a little Japanese inspired. Which she continued with for her AW14 collection. Again she showed us heavy square color surfaces, contrasting colors and graphic compositions. There were many furs and they were all beautiful. We specifically liked the detail with the black mink sewn into the white, which appeared as beautiful calligraphic patterns.

Freya had styled her collection with some beautiful shoes.


Finally we just want to say that we think it’s amazing to see a designer who works as much with the back of an collection as with the front.

It seems like Freya is finding her style, but we don’t mind her experimenting - it's great to be surprised!

-Sabine & Nicholas



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